Discover the Power of CNC Turning: APM Unveils Updated Content on the Machining Process

August 9, 2023by Gerry Dillon

The trusted industry leader renowned for its cutting-edge machining solutions shares everything you need to know about its CNC turning service on the recently revamped web page.

LONGMONT, Colorado, July 30, 2023 – Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a leading Colorado machine shop, has announced the launch of another updated page on its website. The newly enhanced CNC turning service page was designed to serve as a comprehensive resource on the turning process. It delves into everything you ever wanted to know about CNC turning, from industrial applications to major advantages.

“At our machine shop, we’re constantly striving for excellence,” APM owner Gerry Dillon said. “The updated CNC turning page reflects our commitment to providing customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. We believe in empowering our clients, so they can secure the services needed to achieve remarkable results.”

CNC turning, a fundamental aspect of modern precision machining, plays a crucial role in various industries. With the release of the enhanced content, Advanced Precision Machining is catering to the growing demand for a reliable CNC turning service by providing valuable insights and technical know-how to both seasoned professionals and industry newcomers.

The updated content showcases the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By expanding its online resources, Advanced Precision Machining demonstrates its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The website’s new content not only offers in-depth information on CNC turning but also serves as a guide on safety procedures, best practices, and material selection, ensuring that clients are well-informed throughout the machining process.

When asked about the significance of the enhanced CNC turning content, Dillon said, “We understand that precision machining is a critical part of our customers’ success. By providing them with comprehensive information on CNC turning, we enable them to optimize their production processes and enhance quality control.”

Upon exploring the revamped page, visitors will find a wealth of valuable information, including pricing structures, turnaround times, and an overview of APM’s state-of-the-art CNC turning machine. They will also learn that the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional service extends beyond mere precision; it encompasses a meticulous focus on quality control and offers a range of surface finishing options to meet the unique requirements of each project.

With the launch of the enhanced CNC turning content, Advanced Precision Machining reiterates its position as an industry leader and a trusted partner for precision machining solutions. The shop’s unwavering dedication to customer success, backed by extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology, sets it apart in the industry.

You can view the updated page here:


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by Gerry Dillon

Gerry Dillon is a co-founder, current owner and certified CNC machinist at Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a full-service machine shop located in Longmont, Colorado. Gerry has over 30 years of precision milling and machining experience under his belt.