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APM’s Colorado Machine Shop Seeking to Fill Open Positions with Qualified and Experienced CNC Machinists

March 7, 2022by Gerry Dillon

Despite recent economic conditions, the challenges faced from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing supply chain issues, this year is still delivering increasing demand for Advanced Precision Machining’s milling and machining services. We’re continuing with expansion, steady sales, net profit, and investment in cutting-edge technology to broaden our range of precision manufacturing offerings. Now that our Colorado machine shop is well into the first quarter of what, by early indications, promises to be another year of continued success, we are well aware of the uncertainties that still lie ahead, but we remain confident and positive as we operate in a “new” normal.

As business conditions inevitably improve, and the manufacturing economy continues to rebound from any damage the virus has dealt, all aspects of APM’s machine shop are experiencing growth. Owing to the hard work of our CNC machinists, our committed customer base, and ongoing demand for the precision parts we manufacture locally, we are still in the midst of an unprecedented period in our company’s development.

2022 is already shaping up to be another positive one for our balance sheet, and the need for our CNC milling, grinding, turning, and surface finishing services continues to be on the upswing. We’re always looking forward, and we’re optimistic about plans for future facility expansion and additional capital expenditure in new CNC machining equipment. This will allow us to further improve upon efficiency and lower costs. In fact, late last year, APM upgraded its commitment to part accuracy and precision with the purchase of a new coordinate measuring machine (CMM); We’ve added a Hyundai WIA multi-axis turning center into our lineup, and in February, we acquired a Keyence MD-X2520A multi-axis, hybrid, laser marking unit and will adding laser marking to our machine shop services.

Currently however, we have more pressing concerns that are consuming our focus given today’s labor market. Any thoughts of expanding APM’s machine shop footprint, or investing in new big ticket equipment, is quickly tempered by one factor; The human factor. There are currently certain economic realities faced by the precision machining sector, and for that matter, the manufacturing industry as a whole. When work orders increase and operations reach capacity, it doesn’t matter how many or what types of machines you possess if you don’t have the necessary personnel to operate them.

Machine shops today are still facing a familiar reality; a lack of qualified labor. Finding experienced CNC machinists has proven difficult for many shops including APM. To combat this “skills gap”, as it has been coined, there has been a resurgence in apprenticeships, community and technical college curriculums, and vocational school training, all offering machinist instruction and on the job training. The good news is that our staffing levels are adequate, and the labor market is improving, but we are still in need of a few good men or women to realize our full potential, meet increased demand, and move forward on plans for future expansion and growth.

To this end, we are currently accepting applications for a highly skilled journeyman machinist and another good machinist who will both be trained up by co-workers and management. Here is a list of qualifications and benefits…Come join the APM team!

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking to add exceptional CNC machinists to our team of top performers. Training is provided in all aspects of the machine shop environment for suitable candidates. Our culture is innovative, fast-paced, and continually improving. Ideal candidates will need an enterprising mindset with substantial experience in starting up and carrying out milling and machining projects. The successful applicant will need the ability to communicate with a sense of openness and transparency, operate with a high degree of independence, responsibility, self-sufficiency, and be able to balance best practices with a willingness to explore better ways of performing tasks. We’re growing rapidly and are moving quickly to hire well-qualified, professional CNC machinists. Our ideal candidate is an open-minded team player who will fit in well. Skills that are essential to work with APM’s team include: a good attitude, an open mind towards new ways of doing things, an eagerness to learn new skills, ease to work with, and a willingness to help in other areas of the shop.

Skills/qualifications needed:

  • Preferred: 7+ years experience
  • Proficiency in MasterCam CNC software and Hurco conversational programming
  • Cross skills are a plus – We have multiple CNC mills and lathes
  • Ability to set up required material blanks in the machine precisely as directed by programmers
  • Ability to read technical drawings and retrieve dimensions for measurement, and measure parts after machining to ensure they match drawing specifications
  • Ability to perform quality assurance (QA) in all aspects of machining metals and plastics
  • Possess a strong understanding of inspection reporting methods/techniques
  • Ability to adjust speeds and feeds to maximize production runs
  • Ability to deburr parts as they are machined
  • Strive to produce extremely precise parts for our customers every time
  • Some physical effort required (lifting 10-50 lbs. when loading/unloading parts)
  • Ideal position for an experienced, self-motivated, independent machinist

What’s in it for you:

  • Benefits apply to only full-time, eligible employees
  • Competitive Pay – Salary commensurate with experience ($25.00 – $35.00 per hour)
  • Paychecks are received bi-weekly, or twice monthly
  • Full-Time Hours
  • Flexible schedule
  • Clean work environment
  • Friendly co-workers
  • Training provided
  • Half of medical premiums paid
  • Paid holidays
  • 2 weeks paid vacation after 1 yr. of employment

Want to learn more about our open positions, or have a question about our range of services? Contact the expert CNC machinists at APM’s Colorado machine shop for all of your milling and machining needs.

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by Gerry Dillon

Gerry Dillon is a co-founder, current owner and certified CNC machinist at Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a full-service machine shop located in Longmont, Colorado. Gerry has over 30 years of precision milling and machining experience under his belt.