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Colorado Milling and Machining Facility Enhances Capabilities, Seeking Qualified CNC Machinists for Open Positions

Longmont-based precision manufacturing operation adds upgrades to machine shop essentials, commits to further growth and expansion with ongoing search for skilled journeymen machinists

Longmont, CO - June 7, 2017 – With an eye towards future facility expansion and additional capital expenditure, Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a full-service CNC machine shop serving Colorado’s Front Range, announced today additional capabilities to its lineup of services and aims to fill job vacancies. As business conditions improve and the manufacturing economy continues to rebound, APM’s long-term growth initiatives seek to meet increased demand for their milling and machining services.

After nearly tripling in size and sales capacity since opening in 2005, owner and company co-founder Gerry Dillon looks forward to an unprecedented year in the company’s development. As Gerry points out, “We’re well into the first quarter of what promises to be another successful year as capacity, and demand, for our CNC milling, grinding, turning and surface finishing options continues to be on the upswing”. To meet customer needs, APM has upgraded its Exact Job Boss shop management software, its Mastercam CAD/CAM software, and has added 4th axis capabilities onto its Hurco CNC milling machines.

In addition to upgrading essential machine capabilities, APM’s ownership continues to face and tackle a current labor reality all too common in the precision manufacturing sector; a lack of qualified personnel to fill key positions. According to machine shop manager Kirk Tuesburg, “Work orders have steadily increased and as our milling and machining facility reaches capacity, no matter how many or what types of machines we possess, if we don’t have the necessary personnel to operate them, our hands are tied in terms of meeting our growth goals”. To meet increasing demand for its machine shop services, APM is currently accepting applications for a highly skilled journeyman CNC machinist and those with less experience.

To inquire about open positions, or to learn more about APM’s range of services? Contact the expert CNC machinists at APM’s Colorado machine shop for all of your milling and machining needs.

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APM provides comprehensive manufacturing services; from blueprint and prototyping, to machining and inspection. In their state-of-the-art machine shop, fully certified CNC machinists offer a full range of services featuring the latest CNC mills and CNC lathes to cut steels, composites, aluminum, plastics, and exotic metals. The company maintains the highest standards of professionalism and quality to ensure the highest level of service and complete customer satisfaction.

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