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Advanced Precision Machining Enhances Machining Capacity with Purchase of Multi-Axis CNC Turning Center

Colorado-based provider of precision milling and machining services adds to their growing inventory of cutting-edge machine tools with procurement of Hyundai WIA Multi-Axis T/C, resulting in shorter lead times and increased efficiency.

November 13, 2020 – Longmont, CO - Advanced Precision Machining, a prominent machine shop serving Colorado’s Front Range and beyond, announced today a major upgrade to its suite of CNC machining tools and services geared towards the manufacture of precision machined parts. After an extensive search, APM is pleased to share news of their recent acquisition; An advanced, multi-axis CNC turning center engineered by Hyundai to multitask and maximize productivity. Despite having to navigate COVID-19’s economic impact on the manufacturing sector, APM’s facility is experiencing an increase in demand, allowing for continued expansion and investment in new technology to broaden their range of machine shop services. A strong customer commitment and long-term growth initiatives have now enabled the company to upgrade with this long sought after machine tool.

Today’s transformative CNC turning machines have led to revolutionary design and production improvements for precision parts. As APM owner Gerry Dillon notes, “The utilization of additional axes has permeated part fabrication, and this incorporation has proven to be a monumental advancement over more conventional technology.” He adds, “The trend we see improves upon existing designs and allows for greater throughput, producing more complex parts with less labor.” In the quest to provide customers the best service in the industry, APM is of the opinion that the Hyundai machine delivers unmatched accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. 

Hyundai WIA, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group, is a Korean manufacturing leader raising the production and quality capabilities of global manufacturers to the next level through ultra-precision machine tools. The SE 2200LSY is a versatile, high-production Y-axis CNC turning center designed to maximize productivity with high speed and semi-automation capabilities. Combined with its multi-tasking operations, rapid traverse rates, and Y-axis functionality, the SE 2200SLY is expertly engineered to enhance rigidity and the accuracy of machining. As Dillon concludes, “Our CNC machinists have earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding our customers' needs for highly accurate parts, and the acquisition of this machine allows for the further pursuit of perfection, which this industry demands.”

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