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Advanced Precision Machining and Front Range Community College Work Together to Stamp Out Labor Shortage

Colorado CNC machine shop co-owner begins teaching position at local college in hopes of delivering more qualified machinists to the workforce

Longmont, CO - November 19, 2013 - In an effort to support the hiring needs of Colorado precision manufacturing shops, Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a Longmont-based CNC machining center, announced today that co-owner Kirk Tuesburg has begun teaching machine shop training classes at a local Front Range Community College (FRCC).

According to a recent industry growth index compiled by Gardner Business Media, the durable goods manufacturing sector continues to experience gains. Production, facilities growth, and employment are all on the rise, especially in the mountain region. As demand increases for precision manufacturing services, many Colorado machine shops now face an unfamiliar reality; a shortage of qualified CNC machinists. As a result, vocational education is back in vogue and evolving to meet needs.

In Colorado, Kirk Tuesburg notes, "many well paying machine shop jobs are now available to those possessing the right skills, and students are taking note." He adds, "The economic downturn from which we are still recovering was especially difficult for many machining companies, and many CNC machinists were forced out of work, never to return."

In response, the team at APM's Longmont Machine Shop, and FRCC, are now actively involved in training the next generation of CNC milling machine operators. In developing a curriculum, FRCC met with 30 precision manufacturing companies, including APM to assess their hiring needs. About 90% of local machine shops have plans to hire an average of five machinists in the upcoming year, but only if the labor pool warrants it. The program at FRCC includes an 81-hour Introduction to Machining course covering basics such as machine shop safety, CNC machine tools, and shop math.

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