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Colorado Precision Milling and Machining Facility Helps Local Astronomical Engineering Company Reach New Heights

[September 10, 2019] With summer wrapping up and the Labor Day holiday in our rearview mirror, our entire staff is hard at work at Advanced Precision Machining’s (APM) Colorado machine shop. While most of our time is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality parts combined with the best customer service experience in the business, we also strive to keep our readers up to date and educated with regards to the latest in precision machining technology, shop news, and our services via our machine shop blog. Our milling and machining facility is now well into the third quarter of another successful year, and the precision manufacturing sector continues to experience positive growth. Increased demand for our services is allowing us to expand operations, make some much-needed capital improvements, and we are currently accepting applications for highly skilled CNC machinists. 

APM continues to think big, and our personnel continually shoot for the stars when it comes to fulfilling our contract machine shop orders. Our work ethic and devotion to delivering the finest in precision machine parts means we partner with a wide range of customers with very diverse needs. Speaking of “shooting for the stars”, one of our long-standing customers, as you will read about, literally shoots for the stars! In a recent blog post from earlier this summer titled “Colorado Machine Shop Machines It’s Way to a Better Understanding of the Weather, we introduced readers to SPEC Inc., our CNC milling and machining client specializing in precision atmospheric research instrumentation. Helping to build a better understanding of the skies and weather, now we’d like to share how APM is helping to machine a better understanding of the entire universe. Like us, our precision machine shop clients at DFM Engineering think big on a daily basis, in fact, astronomically big!

DFM Engineering Inc., our neighbors and also headquartered in Colorado, are experts in the design, manufacture, and delivery of telescopes, instrumentation, optical systems, and Lidar components utilized in astronomical research. In addition, they offer a wide range of professional services including retrofitting telescopes and maintain the capability to engineer and fabricate many forms of Electro-Optical-Mechanical Systems (TM) from scratch. This is some very far-out engineering to say the least, in fact, we don’t pretend to understand the majority of it. What we do understand is their need for the finest in tight-tolerance, accurate, high-precision, and quality CNC machined parts for their instrumentation they manufacture. 

Optical systems, especially those used in telescopes, demand extremely strict tolerances, and there’s zero margins for error. The slightest imperfection in a machined part, the result of a mistake on the machine shop floor, can have dire performance implications. Think back to the problems suffered by the Hubble Space Telescope when it was first put into orbit. On a smaller scale to be sure, but the scientists, researchers, and engineers at DFM may encounter similar issues if their components are not machined in accordance with strict tolerances; There literally is no margin for error! Since the very beginning of our partnership, APM’s team of professional CNC machinists have gotten it right, and DFM continues to this day to rely on our Colorado machine shop to fulfill their need for quality, high speed, precision milling and machining. They have been a long-time customer and we are proud to work with them and participate in some small way in what they do. Their work is indeed out of this world, and it's pretty fascinating stuff. 

Advanced Precision Machining offers a full range of manufacturing services that can be sure to meet your part and component needs, combined with a standard of professionalism and quality that ensures a high level of service and complete customer satisfaction. Our team of CNC machinists strives to deliver machine work accurately, on-time, and on-budget. We offer a wide range of CNC machine services including; CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, plating, and full-service inspection and reporting capabilities. At our precision manufacturing facility, we want to work with you too, and participate in what you do!

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About the Author

Gerry Dillon is a co-founder, current owner and certified CNC machinist at Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a full-service machine shop located in Longmont, Colorado. Before making his home in the United States in 2000, Gerry was born and raised on the emerald isle of Ireland and took an interest in milling and machining from an early age, ranking #1 in the Irish National Apprenticeship Program. In 2005, he and a partner began what’s grown into a leading Colorado machine shop. Gerry brings over 30 years of machining experience to the shop floor and is certified in all aspects of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

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