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2013 Blog Posts

11/17/2013: APM's CNC Milling Center Continues to Gear Up in Last Quarter of 2013

At our dependable CNC machine shop, serving the greater Longmont, Boulder, and Denver area, you can count on us for all your milling and machining needs. We are well into the last quarter of another successful year as the precision manufacturing sector continues to experience growth on most fronts, and demand for CNC machine parts continues to outpace supply in ... [read on]

10/14/2013: CNC Machining Services; APM's Colorado Machine Shop Offers Electroplating and More Finish Options 

Are you ready for autumn? With school back in session and the recent devastating heavy rains and flooding behind us, your staff of certified CNC machinists is hard at work down at our Longmont CNC machine shop. Some of this work is devoted to updating and ... [read on]

9/30/2013: Your Go-to CNC Machining Center Implementing ISO and ITAR Certification Procedures

Advanced Precision Machining, has some great news to share! We are proud to announce we are one final step closer to full adherence with ISO-9001 and ITAR certification standards. Simple economics, and our recent acquisition of a ... [read on]

9/18/2013: For Heavens Sake; Your Colorado Machine Shop Helps Local Company Shoot for the Stars

At our Colorado precision CNC machine shop in Longmont, we are continue to think big, and our personnel shoot for the stars when it comes to their high speed machining duties. Our work ethic and devotion to delivering the finest in precision machine parts means... [ on]

9/6/2013: APM Acquires New Shop Management Software for CNC Machining Operations

With summer winding down and school back in session, looks like we've got some homework of our own to complete. Last month, we introduced readers of our CNC machine shop blog to the new technology of MTConnect; The digital revolution on the machine shop floor. [ on]

8/20/2013: MTConnect; The Digital Revolution on the CNC Machine Shop Floor

In our July 15th, 2003 blog, the staff here at Advanced Precision Machining introduced our readers to the concept of 3D printing and its role in prototype development on the floor of the modern CNC machine shop. This month, we'd like to [ on]

8/6/2013: APM - Your One-Stop Contract CNC Manufacturing Facility

Here at Advanced Precision Machining, your go-to Colorado CNC machine shop, summer is in full swing, and so is business! We'd like to take some time to remind our readers, and tell you more about an important service we provide to the CNC machining and precision manufacturing industry. [ on]

7/15/2013: 3D Printing and the Future of Machine Shope Prototype Development

As economic analysts continue to report good news on the precision manufacturing front, including the milling and machining sector, our thoughts naturally turn to the future of the CNC machine shop industry.  [ on]

7/1/2013: Machining the Way to a Better Understanding of the Weather

With the official arrival of summer here in Colorado, thoughts at our CNC machine shop have recently turned a bit toward the local weather. After a relatively wet and cool spring, hot temperatures and a string of unfortunate wildfires... [ on]

6/10/2013: New Trends in Vocational Education and their Impact on CNC Machining

As the demand for manufacturing services continues its growth, vocational education in the U.S. is seeing a resurgence. In the precision machining sector in particular, the CNC machine shop has experienced an increase in business. The result; many open, well paying jobs... [ on]

6/3/2013: The Changing Face of the Modern CNC Machine Shop; Five-Axis Machining

Your go-to Colorado CNC machine shop takes pride in delivering the latest in cutting-edge CNC milling, machining, and measurement technology. To this end, our recent acquisition of a Zeiss Metrology Spectrum II CMM puts us a step closer to full adherence with ISO standards. In addition... [ on]

5/2/2013: Adapting to Change; CNC Milling and Machining Operations Face Some Difficulty Finding Qualified CNC Machinists

At Advanced Precision Machining, a cog in the corporate responsibility machine involves the sharing of relevant information; most often times the good news, but also the not so good news. [ on]

4/8/2013: CNC Machining Trends, Our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), and Steps Towards ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Spring is in the air, and thoughts at Colorado's Advanced Precision Machining (APM) in Longmont naturally turn to growth, both within our CNC machine shop and across the industry. [ on]

3/10/2013: Your Colorado machine shop is off to a great first quarter in 2013 with NEW equipment and the launch of our social media platforms

2/21/2013: Advanced Precision Machining Acquires Zeiss Spectrum II CMM

With 2013 already in full swing here at CNC Longmont machine shop, what better way to reward our efforts and celebrate the new year with the purchase of a new CNC machine. [ on]

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