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2012 Blog Posts

10/26/2012: Our Longmont based machine shop continues to grow; APM visits the International Machine Technology Show in Chicago.

At Advanced Precision Machining (APM) we are well into the last quarter of a very successful year for us. Our machine shop in Longmont, and the industry as a whole, continues to experience growth in aspects of the business. As the manufacturing economy slowly emerges out of the economic downturn, we find that our milling machines... [ on]

9/28/2012: Advanced Precision Machining’s services now available to the US military and government clients.

Diversification of the customer base is one of many keys to success in any business, and at Advanced Precision Machining (APM), our Longmont machine shop recently contracted with a procurement specialist allowing our services to become available to all branches of the US military and other government entities. [ on]

8/13/2012: Expanding customer base.

As is expected with sound business practices and corporate responsibility, we here at Advanced Precision Machining (APM) make a sincere effort to keep customers informed of both successes and setbacks at our Longmont machine shop. It is commonly accepted knowledge that the economic environment is [ on]

6/21/2012: We take the bad with the good!

As the economy improves, the manufacturing industry is experiencing much anticipated growth in many sectors. In particular, machining and milling operations continue to see an increase in demand for their services. For those of us specializing in milling, turning, grinding and plating, 2012 thus far is rewarding many [ on]

2/20/2012: Our Longmont machine shop is off to a great start in 2012; expansion plans.

Good news, Colorado! Our machine shop business in Longmont is off to a great start in 2012. As the economy improves and manufacturing increases, we are experiencing welcoming "growing pains." At Advanced Precision Machine, our CNC milling, grinding, turning, and plating machines have outgrown [ on]

1/15/2012: 2011 was a record year for our Longmont machine shop. Thanks to our happy customers! 

Well, another year has passed and we are still here... and growing rapidly! For Advanced Precision Machining, 2011 was a record year. By all accounts, over the past year, we experienced tremendous growth, increased gross sales, net profit, and [ on]

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